Sunday, January 22, 2012


One time someone said something about one life ending and another beginning. Or something. I don't know who. I wasn't there. But there's one thing I do know: my old blog, 3-Up Moon, is officially dead. I think it died from a lack of anyone caring it existed. That can happen, you know; that's what happened to [snarky pop culture reference]. Also, it died because I did something stupid. But let's blame the lack of readership.

Anyway, now I've got a new blog, and it's got a cool "indie" name, too. I really want that glasses crowd. Not the nerd-glasses crowd; the hipster kind of glasses that the cool people who work at Starbucks wear while they're listening to Deerhunter. You know, like the big ones that Spongebob wears when he goes jellyfishing? Those glasses.

 But after I get all those sentient pairs of glasses to read my blog, hopefully maybe some people will, too. Maybe even the people reading it would be wearing glasses! That'd be pretty harmonious and meaningful don't you think?

Throughout the month I'll be reposting the stuff from my old blog (Why shouldn't I? It's not like you read them the first time around) along with new stuff. Expect more mildly thoughtful, rambling posts that have little to do with sequences or breaking; posts that are hopefully a whole lot less snarky than this post. This one's pretty snarky isn't it? I mean, I actually like Deerhunter. That wasn't a fair jab. Also, expect more unfair jabs.

If you enjoy what you read here, you could even tell your friends about it. Even if you don't like it; perhaps especially if you don't like it. Talking with friends about sucky blogs while adjusting your jellyfishing glasses? That's gotta be worth like 8000 indie creds!

Well that got off topic. But that sort of thing happens at the Sequence Breaker Blog.

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